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Kids love games that are entertaining, interactive and engaging. They want fast-paced, multifaceted games that hold their interest. What if you could combine all those fun elements, but make screen time educational and meaningful at the same time? 

That’s why the World Wise app was created. 

Developed in Australia for Australian kids, World Wise combines gaming with education. It has all the fun elements of gaming that kids have come to expect but with one major difference; curriculum-based learning. 

Players ‘race around the world’ in their personalised car, answering questions and collecting tokens along the way. They visit major cities and landmarks with ever-changing terrain and scenery and as they race, they accumulate points …and knowledge! 

Short, multiple-choice questions covering Math, Science, English, Geography, History and general knowledge are presented in a fun way as the player races around the world. Developed from topics covered at school, the player is revising and learning while playing.

Each player can work at their own academic level and can be on different levels for different subjects. As the player progresses, so does their learning level, so they are always being challenged. The more questions the player answers correctly, the further they get in the game, and the more points they are awarded. 

Players get immediate feedback on their results and when they have answered most of the questions right, they automatically move up to the next level. 

The World Wise App can also be played with friends – even if they are on different academic levels. 

For the serious gamer, there is a leader board for the fastest time and the highest points accumulated. Users can even challenge themselves against players Australia wide. They can upgrade to faster cars to achieve higher rankings, and earn incentives using the mystery box and spinning wheel features. Hot rounds also allow users to revise and accumulate points.

 The World Wise app is educational and fun for players of all levels. Kids will want to log on and play again and again.

 World Wise app – providing information and education through entertainment.

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