How does the World Wise App work?

Check out our quick intro video below to find out how the World Wise app works.

Does the World Wise App run on iOS and Android devices?
Yes, the World Wise App runs on iOS devices such as iPads and iPhones, and android devices, including phones and tablets. You can download the app using the links below.


Can the World Wise App accommodate users at different academic levels?
Yes, our progressive program reads the child’s ability and matches the level, catering for all strengths and weaknesses.
What subjects does the World Wise App cover?
English, Maths, Science, History, Geography and General Knowledge subjects.
How much does the World Wise App cost?
$14.99 AUS. It’s an affordable, one-off payment for full app access (no locked feature restrictions) and no lock-in subscription costs.
Do you need internet connection through Wi-Fi or a data SIM to play the World Wise App?
An internet connection through Wi-Fi or a SIM is required to resource our impressive bank of over 15,000 curriculum-based questions.
How is the World Wise App different from other apps?
Our app is Australia’s first tailor-made program combining education with gameplay. Three cheers to that.
Are progress reports available for parents or educators to access?
This option is currently unavailable, but we are working on this new feature as we speak.
Can I use the World Wise App on multiple devices?
The World Wise App can be downloaded onto multiple devices connected on the same Apple iTunes or Google Play accounts.

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