If your kids love gaming, they’ll love World Wise – and here’s why you will, too

World Wise has all fun elements of gaming that kids demand with one major difference; curriculum-based learning

World Wise is a two-part game that combines learning and play. We couldn’t find anything on the market that would engage our children both academically and competitively, so we created it.

Kids love it.

The media loves it.

Parents love it.

The Sydney Children’s Hospital loves it.

Even a few NRL players love it. 

Why all the fuss? With every feature, we’ve stayed true to our goal of delivering meaningful content via a genuinely fun gaming experience.

How does it work?

Players answer multiple choice questions that are:

  • Relevant to their age and/or ability, and
  • Based on the school curriculum.

Key learning features

Aligned to the education curriculum

  • With over 15,000 short, multiple-choice curriculum-based questions across a wide range of topics, World Wise is like having a tutor on tap
  • Working against the clock, players develop quick-thinking skills
  • Rotating topics and subject areas reinforce what they’re learning in the classroom
  • With players receiving immediate feedback on incorrect results, it’s learning in real time.

Covers all subjects

The only educational app that covers all subject areas, World Wise uses progressive learning techniques to ensure child’s individual learning needs are met.

These learning needs are measured at a subject level, enabling players to progress at different levels for different subjects. The four subject areas are:

  • Math
  • English
  • Science and General Knowledge
  • Geography and History.

Questions rotate randomly between these different areas, supplementing classroom learning.

Responds to your child’s performance

 As players progress, the app increasingly challenges them in their favoured subjects. At the same time, it supports revision and learning in their weaker ones.

This feature is measured by the points players accumulate as they answer questions. When 90% of the questions in a level are answered correctly, the player moves up to the next level in that area or subject.

The same is true in reverse. If your child is struggling with answering the questions for that topic, the app will automatically move them down a level in that subject area.

This ensures children are both:

  • Challenged by working at their own academic strength, and
  • Supported to build knowledge and confidence in the key learning areas they find challenging.

Unconscious learning

As players progress through checkpoints, they see maps, signage and the terrain of each country.

Via repetition and visual cues, they unconsciously learn the location of:

  • States, territories, provinces throughout countries
  • The capital cities of each state and country, and
  • Significant landmarks.

An activity at the end of each checkpoint, with the correct identification of areas, towns, and landmarks providing the chance to earn bonus points, encourages observation and reinforces learning.

Non-discriminatory and prevents academic comparison

 Players aren’t privy to any academic points or levels – even their own. They can only see gaming progress.

This prevents children from:

  • Making any comparisons on academic levels to their peers
  • Feeling like they’re not smart enough to participate
  • Feeling like they’re too young to play against older friends or siblings
  • Fearing being discriminated against, teased, or bullied.

 Each player works at their own level and at their own pace. If they’ve have missed key learning areas or suffer from mild learning disabilities, the app will not discriminate.

Future app developments will make academic information available. This will be via a reporting system, broken down by topic area and subject, and will only be available to teachers and parents.

Key user features

    Caters to Kindergarten – Year 10

    • Intuitive and easy to play
    • Questions designed for kindergarten upwards
    • Subjects based on the education curriculum caters for all levels of learning and progression.

      One purchase provides full app access

      As parents, this was a non-negotiable for us.

      • No locked feature restrictions
      • No ongoing fees or subscription costs
      • No in-game purchases
      • No additional costs for app upgrades, with all user-based improvements and developments for curriculum changes included.


      Use on multiple devices and create multiple profiles

      Multiple devices: Once purchased, you can install the app onto multiple devices provided they’re connected via the same Apple iTunes or Google Play accounts.

      Multiple profiles: Under the one purchase, you can set up each child with their own profile and login. The app will keep track of their individual data and academic level so that when they log in, it picks up at the correct level for them.


        Improve school results and develop valuable life skills – anywhere, anytime

        We designed World Wise to keep our children engaged with meaningful play while waiting for their siblings. Children can play:

        • At home
        • In the car, bus or train
        • While waiting for siblings to finish activities.

        Best of all, they can play against one another. As parents of four children each, the ‘multiple device and multiple login’ option for a single price was a non-negotiable for us. After all, it shouldn’t cost a fortune for families to enjoy a good old car race!

        100% safe, with no chat functions

        We’ve focused purely on the user experience, with no chat communication facilities within the app.

        Key game features

          Ongoing skills development

          Focus, dexterity and awareness are under constant development, with players aiming for both accuracy and speed in their gaming.

           To maximise points per checkpoint, players focus on racing accuracy by:

          • Avoiding fines and penalties, and
          • Obeying simple road rules, such as speed limits.

           This is balanced with the challenge of maximising their speed without breaking the limits of the road rules. Why? Because:

          • The faster they travel a checkpoint, the more points that the tokens collected at that checkpoint are worth, and
          • Players are awarded bonus points if they’ve recorded the fastest time to complete a checkpoint.

           But fines and penalties reduce their point accumulation, which means they’re constantly refining their focus, dexterity and awareness.

          Incentives for regular revision

          Incentives encourage children to log in once a day to top up their learning and stay on top of new skills.

          The ‘Mystery Box’ provides a once-daily chance to be rewarded.

          The ‘Hot Round’ provides players with double points for correctly-answered revision questions. 

          And if players identify the correct icons as part of each ‘End of Checkpoint’ activity, they’ll activate the spinning wheel feature for the chance to accumulate even more points!

            Solo and dual player options

            Players can challenge friends and family, or head out solo on an adventure around the world’s most exciting landmarks.

              Gaming leader boards

              Want to catch a mate? A leader board (for the gaming component only) lets players see who’s racing ahead.

              For those players wanting to know how their gaming ranks Australia-wide, players can view performance and ranking at each checkpoint.

              And for bragging rights closer to home, players can compare racing skills against their friends list, with the leader boards showcasing:

              • The fastest time
              • The highest points accumulated, and
              • A perfect run.

              Ready to race? Let your kids explore the world with the Australian-first app that combines learning and gaming

              World Wise App gives back far more than it takes in terms of skill-acquirement, empowerment, and sustainable educational motivation.

              It’s tailored to your child’s individual ability, responding to their performance per subject and developing as they do. And racing around the world in their personalised car is more than gaming – it’s productive screen time that develops knowledge and skills.

              So – start your engines and cheer on your kids as they race around the world answering questions, collecting tokens, and accumulating points …and knowledge!

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