The World Wise App

Australia’s first tailor-made program, combining education with gameplay.

A 2-part game combining answering questions based on the school curriculum and playing a fun, competitive game exploring countries and their relevant cities, landmarks, and famous sites along their journey.

The user has the opportunity to challenge their friends in the game while improving school results, learning valuable life skills or reinforcing and revising what they may already know.

Educational Benefits/Points

Teaching children areas of the school curriculum with short multiple-choice questions reinforcing what they are learning in the classroom.

  • Using multiple-choice questions keeps the user engaged as they are quick, covering a broad range of content.
  • The users get immediate feedback on their results, so the correct answer is known for future testing.
  • The online resources of a tutor covering over 15,000 curriculum-based questions.
  • Supplementary learning outside the classroom.

Subjects are divided into four areas, and the questions are rotated randomly between the different areas:

  • Maths
  • English
  • Science and General Knowledge
  • Geography and History

The users can be on different levels for each area, so they are always challenged, catering to children’s strengths and any weaknesses.

  • Users accumulate points by answering questions correctly, and once the user has answered questions correctly 90% of the time, they are automatically moved up to the next level in that area or subject.
  • Likewise, if the user is struggling in that level, they will be automatically be moved down a level in that area or subject.
  • The user is not privileged to what level they have achieved so no comparison can be made on academic levels to their peers.
  • A future feature will include teachers/parents reporting system, accessing academic levels, broken down into areas and subjects.

The questions are developed from topics covered at school, aiding learning reinforcement to help improve academic results.

  • Ideal for all levels of learning regardless of age with no fear of discrimination as academic points or levels are not disclosed.
  • Never feeling like they are not smart enough to participate or too young to play against older friends or siblings.
  • World Wise will not discriminate if you have missed key learning elements or suffer from any mild learning disabilities as the child is working on their level at their own pace.

Country maps, signage and terrain are displayed during each checkpoint:

  • The user unintentionally learns where states, territories, provinces are located throughout countries.
  • Where the capital cities of each state and country are located.
  • Where significant landmarks are located.
  • The actual terrain is displayed where possible throughout checkpoints to mimic true to life.
  • End of checkpoint activity implemented so the user will try to take note of areas, towns, landmarks passed.

 Game Details

Dual player option:

  • Invite friends to a dual player challenge.

Options for accumulating points during the game by:

  • Accumulating points for the fastest time completing the checkpoint.
  • Avoiding fines and penalties.
  • Collecting tokens during the checkpoint.
  • The faster the speed the user is travelling, the more points the tokens are worth.
  • Obeying simple road rules such as speed limits.
  • Answering questions correctly.

A leader board exists to compare player’s position:

  • For comparison of each checkpoint against friends list or Australia wide.
  • Leaderboard for the fastest time and highest points accumulated.
  • To display a perfect run.

End of checkpoint activity:

  • Selecting the correct icons passed during the checkpoint (areas, landmarks, etc.) will activate the spinning wheel feature for the user to accumulate additional points.

Other Points

Balance is imperative in our children’s lives, so if we can some incorporate some revision into their screen time; it could potentially free up more family and outdoor activity time.

Children can play:

  • In the privacy of their own home.
  • Or by playing or challenging friends.
  • In the car, train, bus or waiting for siblings to finish activities.

Mystery Box

  • An incentive for the user to log on every day and be rewarded.

Hot Round

  • The user can choose to do questions only either for revision or accumulating points.
  • The Hot Round questions are worth double points to encourage revision.

The World Wise App – Australian owned, designed and built around the Australian curriculum for all kids.